Przemysłowy Instytut Maszyn Budowlanych Sp. z o.o. is the most experienced manufacturer of conversions for special vehicles the maintenance of tramway contact lines infrastructure and vehicles dedicated to elimination of consequences of tramway road incidents.
Manufacturing subcomponents of special vehicle conversions requires high commitment and special precision. Such requirements resulted in a modern and highly specialised mechanical department with a team of people of highest qualifications in the region.
Various types of vehicles and market needs forced investments in modern technologies in the scope of, eg water cutting, machining, welding, etc.

Why choose us

We have combined high quality of services and attractive prices to meet your needs and expectations. Satisfaction of the Client is our priority. Quality of services of our mechanical department will certainly meet your expectations.

We offer services of precision turning of various types of goods in engine lathes.

We offer services of turning and cutting in conventional machine tools in metal and plastics.

spindle diameter 115 mm
spindle cone – MORS 6
disk diameter 750 mm
disk mounting plane diameter 70 mm
largest boring diameter 600 mm
largest facing diameter 1000 mm
smallest facing diameter 400 mm
largest reeling diameter 1000 mm
smallest reeling diameter 400 mm
smallest distance of spindle axis from bed guides 850 mm
largest distance of spindle axis from bed guides 2350 mm
table dimensions 3 x 1500 mm x 4000 mm x 300 mm
spindle stroke (Z) 850 mm
vertical headstock travel (Y) 1500 mm
vertical headstock travel (Y) 1500 mm
column travel in bed (X) 12000 mm
rotary table 4 x 90 °
table dimensions 1300 mm x 1300 mm
table dimensions 6604 mm x 2261 mm
axis x travel 6096 mm
axis y travel 2032 mm
positioning accuracy ± 0,076 mm
positioning repeatability ± 0,051 mm
accuracy of rectangular movement ± 0,17 mm/m
accuracy of linear movement ± 0,25 mm/m
play ± 0,018
maximum table load 1950 kg/m2
turning diameter
above the bed: 930 mm
above the slide: 630 mm
above the bridge: 1200 mm
between the centres: 5000 mm
in the bridge from the spindle face: 570 mm
upper drawer travel: 300 mm
centre lift
from the flat guide: 465 mm
from the foundation base: 1185 mm
bore diameter: 95 mm
diameter in the front bearing: 160 mm
turning diameter above the bed 930 mm
turning diameter above the slide 630 mm
turning diameter in bridge recess 1380 mm
spindle passage diameter 95 mm

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