Lorry-mounted crane TRAM

Special vehicles: lorry-mounted cranes TRAM are intended for public transport technical services. They facilitate quick and efficient elimination of consequences of breakdowns and accidents with low-floor, articulated, multi-carriage tramways. Cranes may be operated under the overhead lines and allow towing of rail vehicles. They are used for reloading and assembly works. Operational advantages are enhanced with the rail driving system.

Technical specification



TRAM 120 TRAM 190
Crane load / reach 12.5 t / 5.4 m 19 t / 4.8 m
Load moment 675 kNm 912 kNm
Maximum reach 7.8 m 7.1 m
Height folded 3.5 m 3.75 m
Kerb weight 17 000 kg 26 000 kg
Allowable total weight 18 000 kg 26 000 kg
Length 8.65 m 8.5 m
Width 2.5 m 2.5 m
Rail travel speed up to 20 km/h up to 20 km/h
Drive system for operating mechanisms and rail cars Hydrostatic
From road wheels
From road wheels
Additional equipment Auxiliary extension arm
Tool containers
Auxiliary extension arm
Tool containers

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