Track emergency vehicle POTEKS

The vehicle intended for technical operations, repairs and maintenance of tramway rail subgrade, mostly to be used as a track emergency vehicle. It is fitted with the container with the workshop and a set of tools as required by the ordering party (racks, a welding machine, gas cylinders, etc.). At the back of the vehicle, the reloading crane is mounted. The vehicle may travel on tramway tracks, driven from the rear car wheels. Additional tool containers are provided on both sides of the motor car.

Technical specification

Undercarriage (type) MAN TGL 12.180
Engine power rating 132 kW
Vehicle kerb weight 8449 kg
Allowable total weight 11990 kg
Maximum transport speed on rubber wheels 85 km/h
Maximum track travel speed 20 km/h
Track car drive hydraulic
Reloading crane (type) Palfinger PC 3300B
Crane power source hydraulic
Max. crane load at 3.7m 0,9 t
Load moment 3,2 tm

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