Transport vehicle TRANSKAB

The vehicle intended for transporting reels with tramway overhead lines. Fitted with two stands to set the reels, one of which is removable to expand space for transport. The vehicle is fitted with the reloading crane that allows loading and unloading of reels with overhead lines. The stands and the crane are mounted on the undercarriage of the STAR make truck. The TRANSKAB vehicle is fitted with steel wheels for track travel, driven from the rear axle of the truck.

Technical specification

Undercarriage (type) STAR 200
Engine power rating 110 kW
Vehicle kerb weight 7040 kg
Allowable total weight 9500 kg
Maximum transport speed on rubber wheels 50 km/h
Maximum track travel speed 5 km/h
Track car drive hydraulic
Reloading crane (type) Palfinger PK 6500
Crane power source hydraulic
Max. crane load at 3.7 m reach 1,45 t
Load moment 5,8 tm

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